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Andy Schmalz DO(MP), CAT(C)

Osteopathic Practitioner

Andy Schmalz is an osteopathic manual practitioner and certified athletic therapist. He began his education at the University of Western Ontario completing a BA in Kinesiology, graduating in 2001. He then completed a diploma in Sports Medicine at Sheridan College in 2004, earning the Michelle Kukta Memorial Scholarship due to his strong dedication to academics, family and friends. Lastly in the fall of 2016 Andy successfully defended his thesis at the Canadian college of Osteopathy to complete his DO(MP) credential and was awarded the Louisa Burns Award for the strength of his thesis and it’s contribution to basic research in the field of Osteopathy.


Andy has been in clinical practice since 2004 and has earned a reputation as a compassionate and skilled therapist. He also lectured full time at McMaster University from 2007-2014, strengthening his communication and lecturing skills and winning a McMaster Student Union “Excellence in Teaching” award. A lifelong learner, Andy combines his formal education with his life experiences in his rehabilitation approach. He synthesizes concepts in energy medicine, nutrition, and environmental influences with traditional therapeutic concepts to provide a thorough rehabilitation to fit each person’s unique needs.

Dan Bosy B.Sc. (P.T.), Dip. Manip. P.T., Fellow of CAMPT

Registered Physiotherapist
Intermediate Myofascial Release Practitioner

Dan uses a comprehensive assessment approach evaluating the whole person to determine all factors that are involved in an injury. A treatment plan is then developed utilizing specific exercises, advanced manual therapy and myofascial release to help his clients recover, reach their goals, and return to activity.


Dan Bosy is a Registered Physiotherapist specializing in Manual and Manipulative Orthopaedic Physiotherapy. He obtained a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree in Life Sciences from Queen's University prior to receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 1997. He has completed a Certificate in Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy in April of 2002. In November 2006, he received his Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (Fellow of CAMPT).

Dan has been practising physiotherapy for over 20 years serving the communities of Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington. He worked at an interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program for 17 years treating patients suffering from chronic pain and chronic pain syndromes. Every patient that participated in this program had seen at least one other health practitioner and failed to improve. He was the primary author of An Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Programme: Description and Evaluation of Outcomes".


Felicia Assenza

Naturopathic Doctor

Felicia is a Naturopathic Doctor whose own healthcare experiences lead her to discover the benefits of naturopathic medicine. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in 2013 at McMaster University, majoring in Biology & Psychology and completed an Honours thesis in behavioural neuroscience, investigating emotional regulation and mood disorders in adolescents. She then went on to earn her Doctor of Naturopathy degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. In 2017, in her 4th year of post-graduate study, she completed a clinical internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, which included a pediatric-focused shift, a placement in the Queen West Community Health Centre, as well as a global clinical preceptorship in India.


Felicia aims to share knowledge and experiences gained on her own journey to help others on their health journeys. Gentle curiosity guides her practice and much time is spent in visits exploring symptoms and making connections to discover their root cause. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are an important part of every treatment. Other tools Felicia uses to help ease symptoms and guide the healing process may include: acupuncture, botanical/plant medicine, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. She also loves food and gardening and believes both are among the most powerful medicines.

Angelika Baum

Belief Change and Relationship Coach

Angelika has been a belief change and relationship coach for 15 years. She works with individuals and with couples. In her individual sessions, she focusses on working with the subconscious mind, understanding the emotional and mental component of physical issues, changing limiting beliefs, releasing emotions and healing relationships. She especially enjoys helping couples to create fulfilling relationships. Combining her own life experiences with continuous studies, Angelika has achieved a reputation as an experienced coach. For further information and testimonials, please go to Angelika's website.


In 2004, Angelika discovered Reiki. She began to practice Meditation and Kundalini Yoga and to study many different holistic therapies, among them Hypnosis for a variety of issues including Fertility Issues and Hypnosis for Birth. Other trainings she has taken were Diabetes Motivational Coaching, NLP, Reiki, Acupressure Massage, Acupuncture, EFT, PSYCH-K®, Holoenergetics, Shadowenergetics and IFS-Inspired Coaching. She has taken coaching training with CTI (co-active coaching) and CRR Global for ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching).

SINCE 2016

In the last six years, her focus has been on individual as well as couples coaching. In 2016, Angelika became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Since 2016, she has been incorporating Gottman Techniques for couples in her coaching work. In June 2017, she completed the Gottman Seven Principles Leader Training in order to teach workshops for couples. In 2018, she added IFS-Inspired Coaching to her skills. She is also honoured to have become the first certified instructor to teach the Shadow Energetics workshop in 2016, a program developed by shadow expert Darryl Gurney. This program helps to make the unconscious conscious and to truly love yourself and others unconditionally. As a workshop participant you learn how to change your beliefs, release emotions and understand and shift why other people trigger you.

Lyn Hartman

Yoga Instructor

Lyn began her yoga experience about 10 years ago when she started her practice on the mat learning Iyengar Yoga with Jim Pope. While raising a young family of 4 kids, yoga remained a love that was deeply rooted in her heart and in 2010 windows of opportunity began to open to allow a return to a personal practice that focused on Power Yoga and Vinyasa for several years. In 2013 the stars aligned to enable her to meet and begin practicing under the master teacher Kimberly Beaudry. A love of Hatha Yoga under Kinberly's expertise quickly became a passion that could not be contained. In 2014 Lyn made the decision to begin a 250 Hatha YYT at Igita Yoga under Kimberly Beaudry and Maureen Vahora. It was a decision based on deepening her own personal practice and immersing her thoughts, energies, and her time into understanding yoga from a more holistic approach. Lyn has also completed her Reiki Level 1 and 2, which she infuses into her teaching and in her interactions with her students incorporating gentle alignment modifications as every opportunity.


Lyn's approach to teaching is to offer a hands-on, alignment focused experience to each student as she focuses on building muscularity in the poses and helping students find mindfulness on the path to get there. She is kind, compassionate, gentle, and a supportive teacher who believes that each and every person is able to develop their own personal practice. Lyn believes that Yoga is about finding yourself on the mat, it is about staying on the mat in the pose and discovering what can happen. It is in all the "doing" that the magic and healing happens as layers of the self begin to peel away. In that "undoing" we find our truest and best selves.

Daphne Bennett

Yoga Instructor/Therapy Coach

Daphne is a Yoga Therapy Coach committed to supporting clients in the development of a consistent yoga practice in order to live better and suffer less. More than 20 years ago she began her own health journey and experienced the healing benefits of Yoga. This has led her to her current focus: Helping others discover how to improve their quality of life and overall well-being. Helping others Wake Up To Health.

Her extensive skills and training helps guide her coaching, including; 200+ hour Yoga Certification, Certified Master Facilitator, Relationship Coach, Authentic Leadership Coach, Team Coach, and Adult Educator (St. Francis Xavier University). Her skills were further enhanced when she spent a month in India at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute where saw first hand the beneficial healing impact of Yoga Therapy on those with cancer and other chronic diseases.


Daphne empowers individuals to progress towards health and well-being through the practices of traditional yoga (postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation.) She believes there is an indisputable connection between a person's overall physical and mental health and the inner peace and well-being yoga is designed to achieve.

No matter what age or stage of life, if you are ready to reclaim your body, mind and spirit, she will meet you where you are with compassionate guidance and support. She is skilled at treating the whole person and utilizes the full range of therapeutic yoga tools to facilitate health and healing.

Yoga postures are performed mindfully using breath as a vehicle to increase awareness of our body, emotions and mind, both on and off the mat.

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