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An integrated approach to achieving long term health and wellness

Awakening Health provides you with a team of professionals who work together to help bring you back to balanced health. We will help guide you through the healing of acute injuries, or break the cycle of chronicity in long term problems. We also provide you with the necessary tools to maintain your health after the healing process is complete.

Our focus is to identify and remove any barriers to healing you may have, and awaken the health that already exists inside of you.

Each of us functions as an integrated unit – where body, mind and spirit work in unison to provide us with balanced health. Unfortunately we can’t keep these 3 factors functioning optimally all the time, which may lead us to experience pain or injury. Although it seems complicated, our bodies do follow some simple principles that guide the healing process.

The body is self-healing. We do not have to consciously think about what we need to do on a cellular level to heal, it happens automatically. Sometimes it has trouble healing because of the effects of previous injuries (compensations), systemic inflammation, nutritional imbalances, or stress – causing us to compensate around these barriers slowing the healing process. Both emotional and physical stresses can bring us out of balance, therefore proper healing needs to address all components of an injury. Identification of all potential barriers is necessary to completely rehabilitate an injury as opposed to simply getting to a point where you no longer experience pain.

Regular maintenance is also an important concept in your rehabilitation. Our lives are structured in such a way that our bodies seem to slowly break down in the long term from chronic stress or some sort of other inflammatory agent. While we can’t control these influences we can learn to manage them effectively to minimize their effects on us physically.


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At Awakening Health our goal is to provide you with the tools to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance and keep it that way.
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